Subscription Copyright Services

Gone are the days where you have to pay for every second that you’re on the phone with your attorney or every second your attorney spends drafting that simple email. Andrea is a modern-day attorney that not only understands modern-day entrepreneurs, but is also a modern-day entrepreneur herself. That means she’s seeking new and unique ways to serve small business owners.

This subscription model was created with makers in mind. Stop wasting your time looking for infringers on Etsy, Amazon, eBay and the other online platforms. Andrea has created a new option that completely takes the infringement process out of your hands. You will find the subscription options below, and getting started is easy! Select your plan, pay for the setup and monthly billing will begin as soon as the initial consultation is completed (typically within 1-3 business days).

Baby Steps!-3.png

Growing Enforcement

Who is this for? Copyright holders ready to enforce up to 10 works.

What’s included? Everything in Baby Steps, plus -

5 copyright applications

3 cease and desist letters


$549 Monthly fee

*Government fees not included

Growing Enforcement
549.00 every month
Baby Steps!-2.png

Big Timer Enforcement

Who is this for? Copyright holders ready to enforce up to 20 works.

What’s included? Everything in Growing, plus -

Unlimited copyright applications

Unlimited cease and desist letters

20% off additional services


$849 Monthly fee

*Government fees not included

Big Timer Enforcement Setup
849.00 every month

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Start-up cost cover? The start-up cost covers everything we need to get you up and going! The start-up includes a consultation to review the works you want enforced, and to discuss all protections you have in place for your business.

What if my works aren’t registered with the copyright office? No worries! Your works do not have to be registered in order to be enforced! You’re covered by copyright protection from the moment you publish your work!

What are the Government Fees? The government fees are for all copyright applications. These are typically $55 per application.

How many months do I have to sign up for? There is no commitment for the subscription services. You can start and stop your subscription at any time. If you choose to discontinue the subscription, we require a 30-day notification in an email. If you wish to re-start the subscription, the start-up fee will apply.

How do I know if my works are eligible for copyright protection? If you are unsure whether you have works eligible for copyright protection, you can shoot an email to Andrea to discuss your options for enforcement!

How do I sign up? You can begin subscription services by signing up under your chosen membership above. The first step will be to run a conflicts check and to make sure your works are eligible for copyright protection.

Can I change subscription plans? Yes, you can change plans at any time to reflect your business’s needs.

When will I be billed? Your card will be charged every month on the same day you signed up.

What if I need more than 20 works protected? If you have more than 20 works to enforce, please send an email to in order to obtain customized pricing.

What are “additional services?” Additional services include everything not covered in your package. This can include trademark services, additional cease and desist letters, or customized contracts. As a subscription member, you will receive a discount on the additional services.

What is a conflicts check? A conflicts check is where Andrea runs a review across her current clients to ensure there is not a conflict of interest by representing you as well. Once that is clear, we will be up and running!

Still have questions? Schedule a complimentary consultation below!