Meet The Team

at Andrea Sager Law & Associates

About Andrea Sager

As a lawyer and fellow passionate entrepreneur, I know first-hand how much blood, sweat, and tears goes into building a brand that is both meaningful and uniquely yours, but I also know the importance of protecting it. That’s why I left bigwig law and founded a full-service law firm specially designed to provide affordable legal services for small business owners like you.

Fun fact:
I went to college on a bowling scholarship.

The Team

Patrick Lewis

Associate Attorney

Fun fact:
I play guitar in a local punk rock band.

Anjie Vichayanonda

*Of Counsel
*Licensed to Practice in Washington, D.C.

Fun fact:
I’m a dog mom of two mischievous and adorable corgis named Toast and Jelly Bean.

Shelbie Wilson

Contract Attorney

Fun fact:
I studied opera and vocal performance for 12 years.

Cassie Marcantonio


Fun fact:
I was a collegiate cheerleader before becoming a mother of two!

Cassidy Reeves

Digital Marketing Manager

Fun fact:
I’ve watched all 10 seasons of Friends three times!

Kayla Bandy


Fun fact:
I love yard work and woodworking!

Jennifer King


Fun fact:

A TV series that I’ve watched all the way through more than once is Parks & Rec!

Samantha Wert

Executive Assistant

Fun fact:
I’ve been an extra in two Hallmark movies.

Chelsea Pace

Onboarding Specialist

Fun fact:
I raised over $5,000 for The Red Cross, shortly after 9/11, by passing out American flags for donations!