About Andrea

I’m a serial entrepreneur that left a big law firm after realizing my true passion was assisting small business owners. While in law school, I started my first business, a women’s clothing boutique. After I sold my store and began my career as a lawyer, I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to assist fellow small business owners, which is why I started Andrea Sager Law PLLC, a virtual law firm.

With my unique experience running multiple businesses, you will have a trusted legal expert by your side as you grow your business. I am not just your attorney, I am your business partner guiding you through all stages of your business growth.

I understand that every business has a different budget, which is why Andrea Sager Law PLLC provides several different modes of service – subscription based, flat-fee, contingency fee, hourly and DIY. Andrea practices exclusively federal law. Whether you’re looking for trademarks, copyrights, or other business services, Andrea Sager Law PLLC is sure to exceed your expectations.


B.B.A., Business with an emphasis in Accounting
J.D., NKU Chase College of Law




Unique Services

What is a virtual law firm?

We are in the internet age. Technology is a wonderful thing. You may run your business from your phone, from your kitchen table or a spare bedroom. You’re trying to keep your expenses low and so am I. Keeping expenses to a minimum (no physical office) is how I am able to provide affordable legal services. Our method of communication is up to you – email or phone call. Virtual services provide quality and more efficient services.